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 Governance Matters

  • Mission, Vision, Values
    • Is your mission and vision compelling statements that inspire others to support your nonprofit? Are your values articulated and reflected in your decision-making? The Mission, Vision and Values are the foundation for all other organizational and programmatic strategic issues.
  • Organizational and Program Assessment
    • A comprehensive assessment of the organization is conducted by an independent experienced assessor. Data is collected through document review, interviews of internal and external stakeholders, self-assessment tools, and observations. Areas addressed in the assessment include: Governance, Executive Leadership, Program, Planning, Fund Development, Financial Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Public Relations and Communications, Information Management, Risk Management. A detailed report of methodology and findings will be provided with an executive summary presentation to the Board of Directors. This process creates a foundation and framework for strategic planning.
  • Strategic Thinking & Planning
    • Thinking strategically leads to planning strategically. We examine where the organization is now, how it got there and where it needs to go through an engaging and inclusive facilitated process. We provide the tools to develop organizational, operational and programmatic strategies. The process enhances the organizations capacity for strategic thought and action by analyzing trends, forces and events in the external environment. The output is a written strategic plan serving as the roadmap for the organization and provides the framework for the Board’s agenda.
  • Board Recruitment and Orientation
    • Building a high performing board starts with a solid foundation. Recruiting the right people with the passion, time, talent and network is an intentional process that begins with an understanding of the current composition of the board and the strategic vision. A strategic board recruitment plan will help guide the Governance committee in identifying current and future candidates for board and committees. Once candidates are identified a comprehensive board orientation will prepare them to be engaged, informed, and active board members from the start.
  • Board Structure & Operations
    • Many board dysfunctions can be linked to structure and operational challenges. A high performing board has an efficient and effective committee structure and meeting structure—they plan the work and then work the plan. Engaged board members contribute significantly more at board meetings than those that have not been adequately engaged.
  • Board Evaluation and Development
    • A confidential board self-assessment questionnaire, interviews and an overall vision for the purpose and function of the Board serves as the foundation to building a board development plan.
  • Retreat Facilitation
    • Important strategic discussions often require more time and additional research than what is allotted in a regular board meeting. It is a good practice for Board’s to meet outside of the boardroom a couple times a year to focus on longer range planning. We will work with a team comprised of board and staff to develop the agenda and outcomes for the retreat.
  • Executive Performance Evaluation
    • The Board is responsible for evaluating the performance of the Executive Director based on individual and organizational goals. The performance appraisal process includes a performance appraisal instrument and structured process to evaluate the performance of the Executive as well as establish goals and benchmarks for future performance.
  • Leadership Succession Planning and Executive Transition Management
    • Every executive director leaves an organization sooner or later. Transitions can be an opportunity to invigorate and strengthen the organization. Having a plan in place to help guide the board’s actions will save time and may help avoid impulsive reactions. It can be costly to make a bad hiring decision. We work with the Board and/or committee through a step-by-step process in creating a thoughtful and comprehensive succession plan that is aligned with the strategic framework of the organization.

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